7/30/2022 - WOD

With a 40 min running clock:

In teams of 2: For time

Buy-In: 1 Mile run (together)


-50 Man Makers 35/20 (RX+ 50/30)
*Bar hang*

Buy-Out: 100 Sit ups
*Partner A does man makers while Partner B does Bar Hang*
*Partner A must stop when Partner B drops*
*NO rep if partner B drops before rep is completed*
*Split reps for man makers as desired*
*Each partner does 100 sit ups at their own pace*

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Charlie Harris

Charlie Harris 2 weeks, 4 days ago / Reply

7/30/2022 - WOD: 27:45
Notes: Partner Jen

Desiree Gonzalez

Desiree Gonzalez 2 weeks, 4 days ago / Reply

7/30/2022 - WOD: 24:52

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