5/8/2022 - WOD

Part 1
Every 4 Minutes for 16 Min
400m Run


3 Rounds of:
12 Barbell Upright Row (slightly wider than clean grip)
12 Overhead Tricep Extension w/Band
12 Barbell Curls
12 Alt. V-Ups
3 Rounds
15 DB Lateral Raises
15 Lying DB Tricep Extensions (skull crushers)
15 Bicep Curl w/Band
15 Lying Leg Raises holding post

*Focus on your form rather than the weight.  
**Advise to use only the red or blue bands as well as empty barbell
***Lying leg raises: try not to let feet touch the floor
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Kathy Gelardi

Kathy Gelardi 4 months, 3 weeks ago / Reply

5/8/2022 - WOD:

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